Peter spent many years in the fast-paced television industry before being forced to retire suddenly.  And despite the sudden retirement, he has made the most of those years moving to Hawaii, traveling, learning to play the ukulele and teaching Qigong.

Ron and Darlene are like most working couples, their careers shaped much of their life before retirement, and they had a vision for what their retirement might be like. But as you’ll learn from their story you can have a well thought out plan, and things may still go off course.

Howard retired early and has found new passions to help make the days go by just as fast as when he worked a 40 hour week. He has realized the importance of planning for how you'll spend your time in retirement.

July 27, 2019

Life Re-imagined

Denise, who hasn't fully retired, found a way to re-imagine her life after losing her job. 

Barbara spent much of her life caring for others as a mother, professional, and wife. While she thought retirement would be the opportunity to find what made her happy, she realized that her happiness truly came from giving back to others.


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